Ecomax Baby Bottle Cleanser (300ml)


  • Dehumidifying bags that contain super-absorbent beads to powerfully absorb moisture from the air.
  • 除湿袋,含有超强吸水珠,有力吸收空气中的水分。

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Ecomax Baby Bottle Cleanser

A concentrated pH-balanced formula made from biodegradable, food-grade and plant-derived ingredients that clean effectively and are safe for you, your baby and the environment.


Benefits of Ecomax Baby Bottle Cleanser

  • Effectively removes stubborn milk residues and protein stains on baby bottles yet remains gentle on skin
  • Anti-bacterial agent keeps baby bottles safely sanitised
  • Mild-foaming formula rinses off easily and thoroughly
  • Ideal for cleaning baby accessories such as pacifiers, teats, toys, utensils, etc

Free of alcohol, colourants and fragrances


Made in Taiwan


How To Use

Dilute 1-3 drops into 1 litre of water and soak baby bottles and/or accessories for 2 minutes. Brush lightly and rinse clean.






  • 有效去除婴儿奶瓶上的顽固牛奶残留物和蛋白质污渍,同时保持对皮肤的温和
  • 抗菌剂可以使婴儿奶瓶安全消毒
  • 温和泡沫配方可轻松彻底冲洗
  • 适用于清洁婴儿用品,如奶嘴,奶嘴,玩具,餐具等






将1-3滴稀释到1升水中,浸泡婴儿奶瓶和/或配件2分钟。 轻轻刷洗并冲洗干净。

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