Nn Bio Chondroitin 400 (30 tablets)


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Nn Bio Chondroitin 400

There is no blood supply to joint cartilage. Chondroitin in synovial fluid serves as a conduit to deliver vital oxygen and nutrients to the cartilage. Loss of Chondroitin due to advancing age, injury or illness can cause a loss of this vital fluid. This disrupts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cartilage. Without proper nutrition, cartilage damaged by injury or normal wear and tear cannot regenerate or heal. Waste material starts to accumulate, causing more pain.


Each tablet provides 400mg of patented CS Bio-ActiveTM , the most researched brand of Chondroitin sulphate from the renowned joint expert, Bioiberica SA, Spain, who has dedicated over 30 years in the research and development of solutions to joint problems.


Chondroitin Sulphate helps to alleviate joint pain by:

  • Providing Cushionining & Reducing Impact & Friction During Movement
  • Delivering Vital Oxygen & Nutrients into the Joints, Removing Waste Materials from the Joints
  • Inhibits cartilage-destroying enzymes such as collagenase, elastase and cathepsin that break down or dissolve the cartilage
  • Arrests joint inflammation by getting to the root of the problem – inhibiting the activity of COX-2.


How to Use

Take 1 tablet 2-3 times daily. Do not exceed the recommended dose unless advised by your doctor or other healthcare professionals.



关节软骨没有血液供应。 滑液中的软骨素可作为向软骨输送重要氧气和营养物质的导管。 由于年龄增长,受伤或患病导致的软骨素损失可导致这种重要液体的损失。 这破坏了软骨的氧气和营养供应。 没有适当的营养,受损或正常磨损损坏的软骨不能再生或愈合。 废料开始积聚,造成更多的痛苦。


每片平板电脑提供400毫克专利CS Bio-ActiveTM,这是来自西班牙着名联合专家Bioiberica SA的研究最多的硫酸软骨素品牌,他致力于研究和开发关节问题解决方案超过30年。



  • 在运动过程中提供缓冲和减少冲击和摩擦
  • 为关节提供重要的氧气和营养素,从关节中清除废物
  • 抑制破坏或溶解软骨的软骨破坏酶,如胶原酶,弹性蛋白酶和组织蛋白酶
  • 通过找到问题的根源来遏制关节炎症 – 抑制COX-2.y的活动:



每日服用1片,每日2-3次。 除非医生或其他医疗保健专业人员建议,否则不要超过推荐剂量。

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