Nn Bio-Glucosamine 500 (50 tablets)


  • lt’s almost like you’ve been iluminated from within! Product of Korea.
  • 这几乎就像你已经从内部被淘汰了! 韩国产品。

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Glucosamine Prevents the breakdown of joint cartilage

  • Repairs worn joint cartilage to provide a slick surface so that bone ends can glide easily over each other, without friction, during movement
  • Renews synovial fluid for better joint cushioning that serves as a shock absorber
  • Reduces joint pain and swelling to restore flexibility and mobility
  • Helps control the cartilage-destroying enzymes so that breakdown of existing cartilage may be reduced


How to Use


1 tablet 3 times daily – The initial dosage should be followed for at least 3 months (or as directed by a physician) to get the full benefits of this product.

Follow-up therapy:

1 tablets 2 times daily – After the initial 3 months, the dosage can be increased or decreased based on individual requirements.



  • 修复磨损的关节软骨,提供光滑的表面,使骨头在移动过程中可以轻松地相互滑动,不会产生摩擦
  • 更新滑液以获得更好的关节缓冲作为减震器
  • 减少关节疼痛和肿胀,恢复灵活性和活动性
  • 有助于控制破坏软骨的酶,从而减少现有软骨的破




1片每日3次 – 初始剂量应遵循至少3个月(或根据医生的指示),以获得该产品的全部益处。


1片每日2次 – 在最初3个月后,可根据个人要求增加或减少剂量。

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