Nn GlutaMix (30 chewable tablets)


  • Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant found in the body, but often its supply declines due to lifestyle habits and ageing.
  • 谷胱甘肽是体内最强大的抗氧化剂,但由于生活习惯和衰老,其供应量往往会下降。

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Great for those wishing to have :

  • Fairer face and body!
  • Pigmentation on cheeks lightened!
  • Freckles reduced!
  • Dark underarms remedied!
  • Age spots on back of hands reduced!
  • Dark skin between thighs lightened!


How to Use

Take 1-4 chews daily. Best taken on an empty stomach in the morning.



  • 更公平的面部和身体!
  • 脸颊上的色素沉着减轻了!
  • 雀斑减少了!
  • 黑暗的腋下得到了补救!
  • 手背上的老年斑减少了!
  • 大腿之间的皮肤变黑了!



每天吃1-4次咀嚼。 最好在早上空腹服用。

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