Nn Green Rooibos Tea (2.5g x 20 sachets)


  • Organic Green Rooibos Tea – A great tasting antiovidant tea that’s rich in polyphenols and minerals for robust health
  • 有机绿色路易波士茶 – 一种口感极好的抗氧化茶,富含多酚和矿物质,健康健康

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Benefits of Nn Green Rooibos Tea

  • High anti-oxidation: polyphenols in Green Rooibos are potent natural antioxidant that can effectively neutralize free radicals to prevent damage to the body and has anti-aging function.
  • Refreshing: polyphenols and catechins help to calm emotions and refreshing your mind. It’s a good choice to have one cup after get up in the morning.
  • Aspalathin: can only be found in rooibos. It’s low oxalate content will not cause kidney stones. It also promotes skin health, help to reduce leg cramps and blood circulation problems.
  • Promote digestive health: suitable for urbanites that have health problems caused by poor eating habits. Such as: defecation flow and stagnation.


How to Use

Place a teabag into 250ml of hot water for 3-5 minutes. One teabag can make about 500ml. Delicious on its own with or without milk. Sweeten if desired with a teaspoon of sugar or honey.



  • 高抗氧化:绿色路易波士多酚是强效天然抗氧化剂,能有效中和自由基,防止对身体的伤害,具有抗衰老功能。
  • 清爽:多酚和儿茶素有助于平静情绪和提神。 早上起床后喝一杯是个不错的选择。
  • Aspalathin:只能在rooibos中找到。 它的草酸盐含量低,不会引起肾结石。 它还可以促进皮肤健康,有助于减少腿部痉挛和血液循环问题。
  • 促进消化系统健康:适合因饮食习惯不良而导致健康问题的都市人。 如:排便流和停滞。



将茶袋放入250毫升热水中3-5分钟。 一个袋泡茶可以制作约500毫升。 有或没有牛奶的美味。 如果需要,可以加一茶匙糖或蜂蜜加甜。

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