Nn Hepaforte® Milk Thistle Dandelion Plus (30 capsules)


  • Combat Fatty Liver Effectively With Fast-Acting, Clinically-Proven Liver Tonic
  • 通过快速,临床验证的肝脏补品有效对抗脂肪肝

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Benefits of Nn Hepaforte Milk Thistle Dandelion Plus

  • Protect Your Liver from Toxin Overload : It is almost impossible to escape from harmful substances in life! Our vegetables & fruits are sprayed with agro chemicals, the meats from animals are injected with growth hormones and antibiotics, fish might contain heavy metals and most processed foods are added with preservatives, artificial colouring, plasticizers & flavouring!
  • Promotes Healthier Liver for Cleaner Body System : Liver plays an important role to filter and neutralise all the harmful substances from what we eat, inhale and even absorb through our skin. It also fights infections and filters out bad bacteria in the blood.
  • Promotes Healthier Liver for Detoxification : The liver detoxifies the body by converting ammonia, a by product of metabolism in the body, into urea that is excreted in the urine by the kidneys. The liver also breaks down medications and drugs, including alcohol, and is responsible for breaking down insulin and other hormones in the body.
  • Promotes Healthier Liver for Better Nutrient Absorption : Liver also converts the food that we eat into components or nutrients and supplies it to our body for utilization in order to ensure our body functions properly and stays healthy.


How to Use

Take 1 – 3 capsules per day or as per directed by health profession.



  • 保护你的肝脏免受毒素过载:几乎不可能逃避生命中的有害物质!我们的蔬菜和水果喷洒农用化学品,动物的肉类注入生长激素和抗生素,鱼类可能含有重金属,大多数加工食品都添加了防腐剂,人工色素,增塑剂和调味料!
  • 促进更健康的肝脏更清洁身体系统:肝脏在过滤和中和我们吃,吸入甚至通过皮肤吸收的所有有害物质方面发挥着重要作用。它还可以对抗感染并过滤掉血液中的有害细菌。
  • 促进更健康的肝脏解毒:肝脏通过将体内新陈代谢的氨转化为肾脏排泄到尿液中的尿素来解毒身体。肝脏还会分解药物和药物,包括酒精,并负责分解体内的胰岛素和其他激素。
  • 促进更健康的肝脏以获得更好的营养吸收:肝脏还将我们食用的食物转化为成分或营养素,并将其提供给我们的身体以供使用,以确保我们的身体正常运作并保持健康。




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