Nn Liquid Chlorophyll Plus (500ml)


  • New Improved, Energised Liquid Chlorophyll : Oxygenates, Cleanses, Alkalises, Rebuilds & Deodorises
  • 新的改良的,能量液体叶绿素:含氧化合物,净化,碱化,重建和除臭

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Detoxifies the body gently and effectively : Chlorophyll provides a gentle detoxifying effect inside your body, removing toxins that can find their way into your body via the air, water, food or the things you use.


Deodorises the breath & body from the inside out! : Fight body odour and bad breath without relying on perfumes, deodorants or breath mints. Chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer that works inside out.


Reduces internal “healtiness” : Perfect for those who enjoy durians, spicy or fried foods, or don’t drink sufficient water daily. Great for breaking fast too.


Other benefits :

  • Clears skin blemishes and breakouts
  • Alleviates anaemia
  • Anti-radiation & antioxidant properties






从内到外对呼吸和身体进行除臭! :在不依赖香水,除臭剂或薄荷糖的情况下,对抗体臭和口臭。叶绿素是一种天然除臭剂,可以在里面使用。



其他福利 :

  • 清除皮肤瑕疵和突破
  • 缓解贫血
  • 抗辐射和抗氧化特性
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