Nn Vitamin C-Orange Flavour (100 chewable tablets)


  • Yummy Vitamin C for Better Immunity & Greater Health!
  • 美味的维生素C,更好的免疫力和更健康!

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Nn Vitamin C-100 (Orange Flavour)

Substitute your children’s sweets with delicious yet healthy Vitamin C chewies. With a concentration of 100mg per chewy, your children can have more than one and skip the candies! Enjoy fewer doctor visits – these chewies help protect against cold, flu and cough and boost your children’s health.


Benefits of Nn Vitamin C-100 (Orange Flavour)

  • Each chewable tablet provides 100mg vitamin C
  • Delicious natural orange flavour
  • Sugar-free & saccharin-free, tooth-friendly
  • Sweetened with prebiotics, isomalt to improve gut & digestive health


How To Use

Take 1-2 tablets daily.



用美味而健康的维生素C咀嚼代替孩子的糖果。 每个耐嚼浓度为100毫克,你的孩子可以有不止一个,跳过糖果! 享受更少的医生访问 – 这些chewies有助于预防感冒,流感和咳嗽,并提高您孩子的健康。



  • 每种可咀嚼片剂提供100mg维生素C.
  • 美味的天然橙味
  • 不含糖和糖精,对牙齿有益
  • 富含益生元,异麦芽酮糖醇,可改善肠道和消化系统的健康




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