Oriyen Umeken Japanese Plum Balls (150 X 230mg)


  • Promotes Vitality, Retards Aging And Maintains Sliminess! Product of Japan
  • 促进活力,延缓衰老,保持苗条! 日本产品

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Benefits of Oriyen Umeken Japanese Plum Balls

  • Studies had shown that mumefural has antioxidant properties and is tested to be beneficial on improving general health
  • Acts as a good digestive aid that speeds up digestion and intestinal peristalsis
  • Relieves stomach discomfort and indigestion
  • Helps improve energy metabolism and neutralise effects of heat-forming foods
  • Relieves mild vomitting and mild diarrhoea


How To Use

Adults, 5 – 10 Oriyen Japanese Plum Balls. Double the dose if necessary. Children, half dosage. Ideal for everyone.



  • 研究表明,mumefural具有抗氧化特性,经测试有助于改善一般健康状况
  • 作为一种良好的消化助剂,可加速消化和肠道蠕动
  • 缓解胃部不适和消化不良
  • 有助于改善能量代谢,中和热成型食物的效果
  • 缓解轻度呕吐和轻度腹泻



成人,5-10 Oriyen日本梅花球。 如有必要,加倍剂量。 儿童,半剂量。 适合所有人。

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