Oriyen Organic Cordyceps (250mg 50 capsules)

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  • Invigorates Vital Energy, Relieves Cough, Reduces Phlegm, Restores Health and Well-Being
  • 激活生命能量,缓解咳嗽,减少痰,恢复健康和幸福

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It is a wonderful nutritious powerhouse and contains wide arrays of unique substances such as cordycepin, adenosine, beta glucan, polysaccharides, etc to provide your body with energy and additional nourishments. Promotes stronger immune system and better state of health.

Each capsule provides 250mg of Tru-Cordyceps™, a full spectrum, organic Cordyceps sinensis from Aloha Medicinals Inc, USA.

  • Certified organic – USDA & EU Certificated Organic
  • Cultivated using patented technology that subjects growing Cordyceps under extreme low temperature and low oxygen levels, to replicate the conditions found during the growing season in Nepal and Tibet at 18,000 feet elevation
  • Suitable for vegetarians – not grown on worms (like in the wild)
  • Analysed for lead and more than 90 other heavy metals by USFDA certified third-party analytical labs
  • Contains natural Hydroxy-Ethyl Adenosine (HEAA) and other compounds like Cordycepin, Adenosine and Hydroxyethyladenosine HEA.
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1 review for Oriyen Organic Cordyceps (250mg 50 capsules)

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