PowerMax KiddieWash (1000ml)


  • Ultra concentrated formula delivers outstanding cleaning power to remove even the toughest of stains, giving you more economical washes.
  • 超浓缩配方具有出色的清洁能力,甚至可以去除最坚硬的污渍,从而为您提供更经济的洗涤方式。

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PowerMax KiddieWash (1000ml)

A mild foaming formula with plant-derived cleaning agents that are tough on stains yet gentle enough for babies’ and children’s delicate wear.


Benefits of PowerMax KiddieWash

  • Removes tough stains and rinses thoroughly to eliminate the possibility of skin irritation and allergy
  • Fabric care agents help preserve colours and fabrics
  • Antibacterial action disinfects laundry and keeps it sanitised even after washing
  • Suitable for nappies, children’s clothing, delicate fabrics such as lace, linen, nylon, satin, silk, velveteen, and even soft toys


How To Use

Remove solid waste before washing. Rub directly onto stains. Follow with wash instructions: handwash 1/3 capful to 10L water, machine wash 1/2 to 2/3 capful.




PowerMax KiddieWash的好处

  • 去除顽固污渍并彻底冲洗,以消除皮肤刺激和过敏的可能性
  • 织物护理剂有助于保护颜色和织物
  • 抗菌作用可对衣物进行消毒,即使在洗涤后也能对其进行消毒
  • 适用于尿布,儿童服装,精致面料,如蕾丝,亚麻,尼龙,绸缎,丝绸,平绒,甚至软玩具



清洗前清除固体废物。 直接擦到污渍上。 按照洗涤说明:用1/3的水洗至10L水,机洗1/2至2/3的盖子。

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