Yaeyama Chlorella (150 tablets)


  • Keeps Your Cells Clean, Young and Healthy. Chlorella for Daily Cleansing and Cellular Rejuvenation.
  • 保持您的细胞清洁,年轻和健康。 小球藻每日清洁和细胞再生。

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Who should take it?

Tiny, easy-to swallow tablets – suitable for children, dieters, pregnant & breastfeeding women, beauty-conscious individuals, busy executives and the elderly. Regular consumption of chlorella would help :

  • Breastfeeding mothers produce better milk quality by decreasing toxins and increasing immunoglobulin
    * Children grow healthier and taller, especially picky eaters
  • Elderly who cannot chew food properly and suffer from poor digestion. Chlorella is perfect for them.
  • Adults who always eat out and suffer from poor health. Chlorella supplies your body with a wide spectrum of nourishing nutrients, CGF and chlorophyll and at the same time help in cellular cleansing with its unique fibre.
  • Dieters on a strict calorie count diet to stay healthy, good-looking and vibrant


How To Use

Take 5 to 10 tablets daily, preferably on an empty stomach..

Does not contain fillers, binders, excipients and sugar. No artificial colors or flavoring, additives, stabilizers, animal substances and gelatine.



微小,易于吞咽的片剂 – 适合儿童,节食者,孕妇和哺乳期妇女,有美容意识的人,忙碌的

行政人员和老年人。 经常食用小球藻有助于:

  • 母乳喂养的母亲通过减少毒素和增加免疫球蛋白来产生更好的牛奶质量
  • 老年人不能正确咀嚼食物,消化不良。 小球藻非常适合他们。
  • 总是外出就餐并且健康状况不佳的成年人。 小球藻为您的身体提供多种滋养营养素,CGF和叶绿素,同时通过其独特的纤维帮助细胞清洁。
  • 节食加上严格的卡路里饮食,以保持健康,美观和充满活力




不含填充剂,粘合剂,赋形剂和糖。 没有人工色素或调味剂,添加剂,稳定剂,动物物质和明胶

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